The Intentional Course

The Intentional Course

real, lasting change in your life

Nothing sticks and you feel stuck. You want a clear process that supports you along the way.
Find real, lasting change in The Intentional Course.

The Intentional Course is a response to life’s ‘too much, too-muchness’ and peoples overwhelm with chasing their goals, dreams, and to do lists. The course helps people engage with their life from a place of intentionality and clarity. Here is what participants are saying about The Intentional Course…

Join us for a transformative journey designed to empower individuals to align their words, thoughts, and actions intentionally. Through facilitated sessions, participants focus on one concept at a time, allowing for flexible implementation and deeper learning. The Intentional Course fosters a supportive community where participation is key, offering valuable interactions and breakout rooms for shared experiences enhancing comprehension and personal development.

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